“Our property is an affordable housing seniors community, a large campus with four buildings constructed in the 1980s. Quattro was able to design and install solar power with a battery backup so not only are we prepared in case of a power outage, but the bills from PG&E are hugely reduced! And our residents always found the Quattro team to be charming. We are grateful to have found Quattro Solar and strongly recommend them. They are knowledgeable, professional, great problem solvers, and always a pleasure to work with.”

Heather B., San Rafael

“Have to tell you how wonderful it was having your panels and crew and what a difference that made to us: knowing we weren’t wasting electricity and saving money. Most appreciative and I always will wish and hope for you to have the best of everything. You deserve it. Your professionalism, intelligence, and people skills impressed me always. Thanks for the gifts you regaled on our 1896 beautiful home.”

Amy G., Mill Valley

“Our group of investors retained Quattro Solar to install a solar system covering the entire roof of a commercial building we purchased.  We selected Quattro Solar based on reference checks, and because they offered by far the best total price and terms.  And, because they are nice folks. As usual, all did not go as planned, with one main component failing during installation. But, the fault was with the manufacturer and Quattro pulled out all the stops to get the system up and running. We appreciated their commitment and dedication to solve the problem. So many service providers disappear at critical junctures, but Quattro was always there when we we needed them. They designed and installed a solar system that has run without any issues since it was activated. We thank Quattro Solar for their work ethic and for always fulfilling all their responsibilities.”

John P Culver, Investor and CFO of the Croner Company

“David Quattro was the lead for the installation of my PV system in Petaluma, CA. He ran a volunteer crew (6 at times, including myself all with different schedules and skill levels). He tirelessly spent 3 long weekends at my home to complete the project. David spent extra time and care on the aesthetics of the entire system and especially the metal conduit routing along the exterior of the home from the junction box to the main switch. I truly think that this system looks beautiful and will stand the test of time. I am grateful that David spent so much attention to detail and follow through on completing this project.”

Dan B., Petaluma

“Quattro Solar is awesome! David provided me with a thorough explanation of each step of the process. His bid was very competitive and the installation went very smoothly. David obviously loves his work and keeps up on the latest technology. I am now enjoying very minimal PG&E bills. I have also referred Quattro Solar to my son-in-law and they are happy with their system as well! I highly recommend Quattro solar for your solar installation.”

Kevin and Rosalyn M., West Marin

“David always returned our calls, explained processes clearly, followed up on any schedule changes, outlined his work, stuck to a timeline/schedule, showed up on time and always cleaned up after his work day. We also both noted that David takes pride in his workmanship and presents a level of ownership that is rare and a joy to experience. We feel very satisfied, comfortable and confident with our whole experience working with David and our new solar system. We would highly recommend Quattro Solar to anyone thinking of going solar for their home.”

Bill and Charlene S., Oakland

“David was my contractor for our solar installation this summer. Most importantly, the work was high quality and the result has been beyond my expectations ($0 electric bill, with an electric car). David was reliable and communicative during installation and was also an expert on available technologies as well as all the government red tape. Beyond my satisfaction with the work, I found David a kind and interesting person. Although that is largely irrelevant to my experience as a consumer, it did make the entire process easier and was a nice ‘bonus’ overall. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Andrew S., Mill Valley